Dream with us

Have you dreamed of becoming a writer? Do you make up stories all day long, see people in your life as characters, or become obsessed with things other people find odd? Do you have a book inside you crying to get out, a partially written poem or a full manuscript in desperate need of a makeover?

We’ve both been there. Anja and Shawna met in a beginner’s Journalism class over twenty years ago. We were both unpublished yet eager-to-learn, sometimes discouraged by our teacher’s red pen but never dispirited of our love for the written word. With oceans and continents between us, we’ve respectively earned the right to call ourselves writers—years later, actually working together in editing an international magazine.

Hamlet’s Hideaway embodies a new dream. We want to share what we know, offer a peaceful place to create, and build an international writing community. Our retreats take place in the Summer in Denmark, but creative inspiration comes from everywhere, so look for us all over the world, eventually.

“To be or not to be,” questioned our namesake. Which will it be for your writing?