Two writers – one dream

Hamlet’s Hideaway was born in the Summer of 2013 when American author/professor Shawna Kenney visited her longtime Danish friend and fellow writer Anja K. Vilgaard. They spent a month together in the Danish countryside, talking ’til nightfall and imagining an international community of writers working with words in an inspiring space.

We know the courage it takes to come to the blank page. We’ve seen that the writing process is not always pretty. As writers ourselves, we treasure our quiet time as much as we value the resource of an artistic community. With this retreat, we envision an intercultural fellowship of writers, learning from one another, free from the distractions of jobs and home. Hamlet’s Hideaway is your separate peace, your “room of one’s own,” your writer-ly dream vacation.

We want to share what the writing life has given us. This year’s castle retreat is one of many future “hideaways” — look for us in new locations each summer!