Enjoy Fredensborg Palace and surrounds

DATES OF RETREAT: August 11-17 2019

  • Have you started writing a book you need to finish?
  • Is there a story inside you, needing to be told?
  • Does your written English need a brush up?

Make your writing dreams a reality in the comfort of a retreat far from the distractions of home and next door to one of Scandinavia’s most renowned castles: Fredensborg Palace. The palace was built in 1721 by Frederik IV to house the many guests of the royal court – and provide a secret love nest for him and his mistress Anna Sofie Rewentlov.

Testimonials from past participants:

“This was inspiring on all levels. The group gelled like we had known each other for years but it was diverse and interesting. All of our love and pain and imagination came out in the writing, the talk, the laughter.”

“It was like summer camp for adults in a storybook setting, mixed with equal parts of support group, food adventure, and self-development.”

“I feel like I just spent a week in paradise with trusted, loving family members who provided laughter, inspiration and encouragement.”

Someone’s writing in the ‘State of Denmark’ – and it could be you!