The Hideaway

This year’s retreat will be held at the Fredensborg Royal Inn, right next to Fredensborg Palace, (where the royal Danish family actually resides in Spring and Fall). The Inn’s 22 rooms have been renovated and romantically decorated. With a view of the royal gardens, the inn was built in 1723 on decree from King Frederik the 4th purportedly for accommodating overflow of the nearby royal guests. It was designed by the palace’s architect, Johann Cornelius Krieger, who was obviously inspired by Italian classicism. Later it was learned that the king actually built the inn as a love nest for himself and his mistress, Anna Sofie Rewentlow, to whom he was engaged to ‘his left hand’ until the death of Queen Louise in 1721. Since Anna Sofie was not of royal birth, their romance was never officially accepted by the court and therefore, they had to find a ‘hideaway’, where they could be together without the world condemning it.

The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard and many of his peers from the Danish cultural elite have stayed at the inn. The grounds are near the white sandy beaches of the Danish Riviera and only 8 miles from the home of beloved Danish author Karen Blixen.

Hamlet’s Hideaway is a writing retreat offering international writers this magical setting as a place to dream and create. With the guidance of two professionals and the support of an intimate writing community, you could start those short stories or complete your memoir at the end of the Scandinavian Summer.